Q&A: Megan Elliott of Lush to Blush Talks Atlanta

She left Southern Florida to pursue a new job in Atlanta, but now she's killing it, blogging full-time at Lush to Blush and co-founding her own marketing firm.

I spent a few minutes with tastemaker Megan Elliott to learn more about her thoughts on making the move to Georgia, and what she enjoys the most about her city.

How long have you been in Atlanta?

Megan: 2 years

What was the hardest thing about moving away from Florida?

Megan: Moving away from my family... and the beach/weather!

So what spawned the move to Atlanta?

Megan: I got a job that ended up being terrible, but I am SO glad I moved here!

What is it about Atlanta that you love the most?

Megan: I love the vibrant culture here. No matter where you go, there are wonderfully creative people pursuing their passions and doing innovative things.

Describe Atlanta in just 3 words.

Megan: Creative. Supportive. Community.

When you reflect on your journey here, what is the most amazing thing that happened to you, as a result of your move?

Megan: Definitely meeting my amazing boyfriend, Johnny! He is also my photographer and I couldn't imagine life without him.

Many of our readers are planning a move of their own! What is your #1 moving tip?

Megan: Hire someone else to do it. UGH moving is the worst!

It's your last meal in Atlanta. Where would you go for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert?

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Images of Megan by Johnny Cheng Photography
Other Image Sources: Atlanta.net