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We all crave adventure, movement, and new beginnings. But few have the bravery to pack their things and take action!

Whether it's that jaw-dropping dream job you accepted, an out-of-state college admission, or an insatiable feeling of wanderlust that's becoming harder to ignore, it's exciting to think about the next big change in life.

City Leaper is a fiercely comprehensive moving resource and digital community, cultivating inspiring stories and tactical tips (everything from savvy budgeting, expanding your social circle, apartment hunting, decorating, and road trip planning).

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Hi! I'm Alison, and in a span of six years, I've moved 9 times.

Some were small, in-state moves from one small town to the next. But three of them spanned 3,000 miles, from New Hampshire to Southern California! (More on that here).

Moving to new places has re-energized me, pushed me far out of my comfort zone, and shaped me into the person I am today. Some of my favorite life experiences wouldn't have ever happened had I stayed put.

My goal is to help you plan your best move ever.

I currently reside in beautiful San Diego, California with my husband and our two dogs.