Moving Tip: Create An Unpacking Kit

Creating a simple unpacking kit will make your move easier and more successful!

I learned about this genius moving hack the hard way. After you unload the last few things into your sparkly new living quarters, the last thing you need is a jumbled, disorganized mess. Your first instinct may be to start cleaning, but what box were the cleaning supplies in?

After moving multiple times and not following this tip, I quickly realized the importance of prepping a box of essentials to get through that first day or two. So, let's create one together!
First, create a simple checklist of all of the items you'll crave immediate access to upon arriving in your new home. Here are some suggestions.

Unpacking Kit Contents:

Purchase a compact, clear container that will accommodate the items in your list. (Target and The Container Store have great, affordable options). Clear is key - you can easily see the contents, and you can re-use it again and again!

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After your container is packed and ready to go, save it for last when you load your car or moving truck, so that it's one of the first few boxes out! You'll then have immediate access to everything you need when you turn the keys in the lock and are ready to unpack.

P.S. Download your free moving planning journal! It's packed with 20+ pages of journal prompts and worksheets!


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