Five Years In San Francisco

Five years later, I’m still here. And I’m still in love.

The crooked streets, the farmer’s markets, the hipster coffee shops, the lines for brunch, the hills, the yoga at Grace Cathedral, the mom and pop restaurants, the trendy bars, the technology that can help you get anything done, the artisanal everything.

San Francisco is home.

When I moved here, I honestly thought I wouldn't “make it.” I had just joined a start-up and had no idea if I’d like it (let alone could do it!), I didn't know if I’d make any friends, if I could deal with the homeless men sleeping on my apartment stoop, if I could keep up with the fast pace of the tech industry, networking events, long hours at the office, and dating.

Year number five was a big one. In fact, every year I've been in San Francisco has been big. They say “change is the only constant,” right?

A visit to New York in August of last year sealed the deal for me. It’s hard not to fall in lust with NYC. But that’s just what it is. Lust.

Sure, I get annoyed at tourists clogging the sidewalks, I get angry when MUNI is late (which is all the time), and I dream of warm summer nights, [but] San Francisco is love. True, deep, let’s buy a house with a backyard, love.

In year four, there was no dull moment. Not even for a second. It simultaneously felt like I had just moved here and that I’d been here for years and years.

Year three was incredible. From sneaking into Outside Lands Music Festival, to exploring new places in San Francisco. My group of girlfriends has solidified. It feels great to have such a close-knit group of girls to go out with, eat with, drink with, vent with, laugh with. I love them all.

In year two, my online dating experiences finally led me to meet an incredibleman. One that I am proud to call my boyfriend. It's an incredible feeling to know you have someone to share your life with.

I came to realize that this life, in San Francisco, is exactly the way I've always wanted it to be. I truly let happiness create itself.

However, that doesn't take away my roots. Visiting Colorado is no longer “weird” or “strange.” It will always be home. And the people there — my best friend, my family — make it exactly that.

Five years ago, I drove over the San Francisco Bay Bridge in a bright yellow Penske truck and lost my breath. As the skyline came into view, I thought to myself:

this is my new home – amidst the skyscrapers – this is my city.

I endured the adventures of LovEvolution, Bay to Breakers and Pride. And I drank copious amounts of wine in Sonoma. I was no longer driving my car everywhere, I wasn't eating fast food, and I wasn't bored doing the same thing every weekend. Instead, I was out exploring this new, magical city.

I still pinch myself, trying to wake up from this dream of a life I've created (and have been blessed with). There’s so much yet to uncover in this city and nearby.

And after five years, I’m still just as excited.

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