16 Tips For Moving While 36 Weeks Pregnant

When I was 26 weeks pregnant, my husband and I found out that we would be moving states due to work opportunities.

At 32 weeks, my husband had to leave for our new home, leaving me to pack everything and finish my work commitment!

We are talking about major hormonal crocodile tears.

I was teaching at the time, so I packed up and cleaned our home after work and on weekends. I did not die of exhaustion, and my baby waited to arrive until after the move!

Here are some of my tips for moving while in the later stages of pregnancy:

#1 Wash non-wrinkle items before packing them. 

The last thing you will want to do at your new home is laundry. I washed all of the baby clothes, sheets, towels, rags, curtains, linens, jeans, t-shirts, and non-wrinkle clothing before packing them. I was so happy to have everything clean before the baby arrived!

#2 Switch to paper in the kitchen. 

Don’t bother saving back a set of plates, and silverware for eating. You are going to have no desire to dishes and somehow the rags and soap will get packed right when you need them. I suggest investing in some paper goods for a few days.

#3 Don’t pack your bed until the day of the move. 

Air Mattresses and an 8-month belly do not mesh well! You need as much sleep as you can get. If possible, keep your mattress unpacked until the day of the move.

#4 When cleaning floors and base boards, get on your hands and knees.

I made the mistake of squatting while cleaning the lower half the house we were leaving. Talk about sore! If you are doing the cleaning yourself, try all fours instead.

#5 Stay hydrated. 

This goes without saying. You will feel light headed if you don’t stay hydrated, and recovery time will mean time wasted.

#6 Take long baths at night. 

If you want your muscles to be fresh everyday, they will need a chance to recover. Every night during the move I soaked in a bubble bath and lathered my skin in coconut oil. Lay in the tub with a movie playing and just shut the lists out of your mind. Your body will thank you the next day.

#7 Start packing 3-4 weeks before the move. 

What can be done in 1 hour when not pregnant will take you 3 in your third trimester. Leave yourself plenty of time to get everything done by starting early.

#8 Target jobs that allow you to sit. 

Tackle those important jobs that allow you to sit when you start losing energy. Folding and boxing clothes, bubble wrapping dishes, and sifting through drawers can all be done while seated.

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#9 If driving during the move, pack a pillow and a tennis ball. 

We had an 8-hour drive to a new home, and a 30-minute drive was torture at that stage. A perfectly placed pillow under you and a tennis ball on your spine will help tremendously.

#10 Label boxes by room. 

You will definitely not be the one carrying heavy boxes from the moving van to your new home, so make it easier on those who are and label the boxes. I wrote the room that each box belonged in HUGE on every side of the box. This allowed me to sit and unpack without having to direct traffic.

#11 Pack necessities for life and baby in an easy to reach location.

If you happen to go into pre-term labor while your life is in a moving van, you will want to find your necessities quickly. I packed one box with toiletries, several changes of clothes for every family member, towels, sheets, etc. in case we needed a quick set up.

#12 Have a hospital bag packed before you start packing.

There is no reason to wait and then realize your going home outfit, shower shoes, and baby book are 10 boxes deep when baby comes. Before anything else, pack your hospital bags.

#13 Find a new OBGYN and begin dialoging. 

There are a lot of paperwork and phone calls required when switching OBGYNs this late in the game. Start that process as early as possible. I was able to visit my OBGYN a month before the move when in town to visit which made the transition much easier. Also, check to see if you have had all of the tests required by your new state (if moving states). Different states require different tests.

#14 Dance while packing. 

Don’t have time to exercise during the move? Put on some music and dance around the house as you check things off your list. Trust me, it is a wonderful workout when you are carrying a 20 lb. bowling ball under your former abs!

#15 Don’t feel useless.

The days of pregnant women being expected to keep their feet up and knit all day are over. Your body can handle so much more than you think. As long as you treat yourself right and leave the heavy stuff to others, you can be a useful asset in the move.

#16 Don’t stress about having the nursery.

It will be hard to have your nursery in boxes at 36 weeks, but when it is finally put together, you will forget what you were stressed about! Enjoy sitting in your little’s new room and take in the smell of a new beginning.

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Shelby Simone blogs over at Simone Plus. She currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband and feisty son.

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