Moving Tip: Create a Moving Journal

Capturing all of the feelings, details, happiness, struggles, and adventures of my moving journey using this journal = one of the best things ever.

With only a few lines of space allotted per day, coupled with room to encapsulate five years of memories, it's a win-win situation and a top-of-the-nightstand must have.

When I take a peek back on those first few weeks and months, it unfolds my most vulnerable and proud moments. The optimism and hope I had for my new life, the anxiety that consumed me when I couldn't find work, the sense of accomplishment I felt after a 30-mile bike ride.

I've skipped days... weeks even. But it's still one of my most treasured companions.

Why Create A Moving Journal?

  • It's therapeutic! It's healthy to get things out of your mind and onto paper

  • You'll document feelings and details that otherwise may be forgotten over time

  • It's the perfect way to see how far you've come

  • Important dates can be referenced and remembered. I now have the most random trivia, like the exact day I felt my first earthquake (December 7, 2011), and when I began fostering my two dogs (March 31, 2012)

My Favorite Moving Journals:

These five journals are some of my favorite options for documenting a move. And if you're afraid of the commitment or don't want to write too much, seriously...take a look at the journal I bought (for less than $10!).

If you are obsessed with list-making, this one will get those creative juices flowing as you document cities you'd like to visit and restaurants you're dying to try

This is my personal favorite, and the one I've used to document my moves in  a short, meaningful way!

Escape the Ordinary 
Super cute, basic lined journal with an awesome, relevant message on the front

Interesting approach to journaling that will be fun to re-visit after you've filled it up

A solid and stylish option with 240 lined pages, an elastic closure, and a bookmark ribbon

That's right! We created an irresistible bundle of worksheets and journal prompts to inspire you

Have you thought about keeping a journal to document your move?

(Start planning your adventure with our free moving planning journal!)


Alison Kinsey is a serial mover and the founder of City Leaper. She craves adventure, movement, and new beginnings. Her most recent move was over 3,000 miles, from New Hampshire to California, where she lives with her husband and her two dogs.

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